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School Counseling
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The guidance office is always available for students here at Meadowview. Our school counseling services include helping out with problems among friends, help with personal issues, help with social or academic issues, intervening in bullying situations, and sometimes just being there to listen when someone needs it.

Students may come and see the guidance counselor at any time AS LONG AS their teacher knows where they are. Students will be asked when they come to guidance if they have a pass from class.

I truly enjoy what I do here at school, and I would encourage students to come see me if they need anything. That's why I'm here - to help make their experiences here at school the best that they can be.


Bullying:  Not in Our School!

We have chosen to directly address the issue of bullying here at Meadowview.  When there are bullying issues among students and they are dealt with quickly and efficiently, then we can do a better job of completely erasing bullying behavior from our campus.  There are three principles that students need to understand in order to get along with others and be successful students and school citizens.  These principles are as follows:

1.  RESPECT - The students have to respect each other and our staff.  When everyone is treating everyone else with respect the way they should, we will not have problems with bullying.  There is much to be said for the phrase, "Treat others the way you want to be treated."

2.  INTEGRITY - Good character shows in the way that you act when no one else is watching.  We need to teach our students that the way they live and act towards others defines who they are. 

3.  PRIDE - We want to encourage and teach our students to have pride in themselves, in their school, and in their peers.  When they carry themselves with pride, their behaviors will change to reflect that.  

We believe that every student has a right to be here, and every student has the right to be treated respectfully.  We are going to do everything we can to ensure that the students make that happen.  If your student is struggling with a bully, please encourage them to come see the counselor.  Matters will be handled carefully and as quickly as possible.  If your child engages in bullying behavior, consequences will follow.  Please encourage your children to be aware of this program and live it out here at school.